Hu Ming  'Maid in China' #14586 

Hu Ming

Chinese born Australian Artist

Hu Ming was born in China in 1955. She won acclaim for her paintings all through her school years,
however as the Cultural Revolution unfolded (1966 – 1976) she found she was only allowed to
paint propaganda posters and heroic portraits of Mao Zedong. This caused Hu Ming to change direction,
so in 1970 she joined the People’s Liberation Army and was assigned to work in a library.
Although warned not to read the books she was cataloguing, she was fascinated with Michelangelo,
and ultimately was severely reprimanded for reading his books.

 Hu Ming 'Dumplings' Oil on canvas #14585 

Hu Ming 'Goldentime' Oil on Canvas #14588 

 Hu Ming 'The way you make me feel' Oil on canvas #14587

 Hu Ming 'Resting' Oil on Canvas #14584