A NEW EXHIBITION by ken strong

The Colours of Water
Sydney Harbour & Beyond

To be officially opened by Graham Long Am of the Wayside Chapel

Sofitel Gallery - 61 Phillip Street Sydney

The Wayside Chapel has provided unconditional love, care and support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross since 1964.

Ken Strong 'A Changing Momentum' 116cm x 100cm #14601

 Ken Strong 'Ascention on the Macleay' 90cm x 80cm #14618

Ken Strong 'Gloucester Recital' 116cm x 98cm #14603

Ken Strong - Australian Artist

“The landscape is never static. It is a continuum of moving
and merging images, changing texture, secrets concealed
in shadow and subtle detail.  Whether a powerful seascape,
a flat desert in blazing heat, a precipitate cliff or a black reedy backwater.

All have a potential vibrancy, a hidden well of energy
that can be revealed with a light flick or textured fold of paint.”  

 Ken Strong 'Comboyne Shadow Fall' 92cm x 111cm #13498

Ken Strong 'Spectacle in Retreat' 122cm x 90cm #14613  

Ken Strong 'Hawkesbury first light' Oil on canvas 112cm x 129cm #14401 

Ken Strong 'Hawkesbury Backwater' Oil 100cm x 67cm (framed) #14625 

Ken Strong 'Pittwater Vista'  80cm x 50cm #14628 

Ken Strong 'Blue Gum and Whiskey Grass' 97cm x 55cm #13774 

Ken Strong’s approach is to combine the strength available in the oil medium with a bold form and subtle subject. A diverse landscape provides the ideal flexibility to develop this approach towards creative composition.”

Ken has been painting Australian landscapes for over 20 years and is developing increased recognition both Nationally and Internationally for his work.  His works are characterised by a bold application of paint, but also using a subtle approach to subject development in many cases.  His works tend to be an impressionist style with subjects ranging from panoramic landscape to more intimate images combining the influence of man and his surroundings.  Works often have a non representational feel with the key compositional
element being a well structured use of colour and movement.

Ken has exhibited widely since his first solo exhibition in 1988 in Kendall, NSW, Australia.  A legacy of these exhibitions has been a significant number of commissions through private galleries.  A continuous presence of work is maintained in a number of galleries.  International exposure in recent years has proven extremely successful with promotional work continuing in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ken has always had an exploratory attitude in his approach towards composition.  His focus in recent years has been on the exploration of more flexible use of the mediums, often involving a looser approach to reinforce the overall atmosphere generated in a composition and the emphasis in the integration of the subject into the overall composition.

Ken-Strong-'Reward-of-Fortitude'-90cm-x-80cm #14629 

 Ken Strong 'A Brooklyn Moment' 90cm x 70cm #14605 

Ken Strong 'Jerusalem Foreshore' 110cm x 90cm #14611

Ken Strong 'Baffled' Oil 112cm x 75cm  #14044 

Ken Strong 'Residue of Evening' Oil 80cm x 50cm #14616  

 Ken Strong 'Autumn Depth - Pittwater' 122cm  x 84cm  #14604