Alan Kuczynski




When you look at my sculptures, you’ll notice that they are incredibly varied. I don’t want to be seen as an artist who creates just one style or concept. I’ll choose a particular theme, and create several sculptures reflecting that idea. Then I’ll move onto something completely different.  My sculptures aren’t overly detailed nor focused on being anatomically accurate. My aim is to capture emotion and movement in my pieces.  Each sculpture has a story. Some whimsical, some serious, some sad. But all thought provoking.  I’ve studied with: 

  • Sydney Sculpture School – Sydney Australia 

  • OD’A Palestra Artistica – Milan Italy 

  • Boutros Romhein – Carrara Italy 

  • Chengdong Guo – Paris France 

  • Tom Bass Sculpture School – Sydney Australia 

 My sculptures have been exhibited extensively in Sydney, Melbourne, and Milan. 

 I’ve been fortunate to receive several awards including: 

  • People’s Choice Award – Sydney Pop Up Gallery 2018 

  • Highly Commended – Hunters Hill Art Exhibition 2018 

  • Barnes Award - Darling Park Sculptors Society Exhibition 2012 

  • 1st Prize - Sydney Sculpture School 2010