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Amanda was born in the small town of Castlemaine in Victoria where her father, being an ardent art collector and member of the well-known Castlemaine Art Gallery, influenced and inspired Amanda to take up her passion and paint the surrounding landscape.

Amanda adds a contemporary feel to her landscapes without detracting from the traditional scene. She enhances the beauty of the Australian bush with smooth and textured brush stokes, adding an emotion not easily forgotten by the viewer.

Her seascapes are renowned for their interpretation of the mood of the day – whether it be calm or stormy, sunny or grey, Amanda deftly captures the moment.

Painters who have influenced her work are Brett Whiteley, Fred Williams and Tim Storrier – all who have captured the mood of the Australian spirit.

Although self taught, Amanda’s husband Robert Stopa, who is a well-known painter, has helped her develop her technique and encouraged her to experiment with her work.

Amanda has been painting seriously since 1996 and has had successful exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and regional galleries, and has sold her works to connoisseurs around the world.