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Enquire today to improve your office environment with quality Australian art and lock in your free months. Even if you're looking to rent artwork 3 months down the track, you can lock in the offer by contacting us today using the form to the right or calling 9222-1042.

Why rent artwork for your workplace?

Offices without any artwork look bare, even unestablished. Offices with bad artwork just don’t have that professional look. When you walk into a room with quality artwork on the walls, you can feel it. There’s an aura of culture and success. It reflects greatly on you and increases the trust in your business and morale in your staff.

Wentworth Galleries rent out works by Australia’s leading contemporary and Aboriginal artists. You gain access to our award winning collection of artwork at a fraction of the purchase price. We offer the best service & value on the market. 

Our art consultants will come to your offices free of charge and help you to select the right works for your business. Art rental is fully tax deductible. You can have top quality Australian art on your walls without huge capital outlay. It‘s the action you can take today that will dramatically improve your workplace almost immediately at minimal cost. Artworks start from just $4 per week.