Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra

Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra was born in Walungurru circa 1959 to parents Frank Tjupurrula and Mary Napanangka. As an infant tragically Elizabeth’s father passed. Elizabeth was raised by her step father Turkey Tolson and uncle Johnny Warrangkula; both prominent founding members of the Papunya Tula artists movement. Both instilled in Elizabeth strong Papunya ideals surrounding art and its meaning to their cultural heritage. 

Elizabeth married Mick Tjapaltjarri also a Papuny Tula artist and had three children together. A keen and avid learner, Elizabeth spent three years studying at the Bachelor college in Alice Springs. This led her to the position of acting council member for the Kintore for two years. It was not until 1998 that Elizabeth began to take a keen interest in painting for herself. Focusing on stories taught by her family members Elizabeth transferred onto canvas her own interpretations of her father and his land Kalipinya, 400 kilometres West of Alice Springs. 

Elizabeths main theme in much of her artwork centres on the dreamtime. The ‘Dream Time’ alludes to the time before man walked the earth. Elizabeth specifically incorporates aspects of the huge lightning storm and flash flooding that created the rock holes and creeks in her work. Evident in her work are symbols of the lightning, thunder, flooding, creeks and rock holes.

Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra is an outstanding artist conveying her own interpretation of her cultural history. Elizabeth paints with enthusiasm and originality capturing her audiences attention with striking artworks.