Fiona CraiG

Floral Artist


Growing up in the Blue Mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage listed site), Fiona Craig quickly developed a passion for nature and the flora of the region. Her work shows a deep connection to the natural world and a remarkable talent for recreating the beauty of nature on canvas. Join us for the opening of this new exhibition at our Sofitel gallery and witness first hand, her amazing talent.


Fiona Craig White Waratah, flannel and Kangaroo Paw 107 x107 16501

Fiona Craig Symphony of Peonies 2 107 x 107 16505

Fiona Craig Red Waratah Beauty 3 107x107 16475

Fiona Craig 'Gum Blossoms I' 92x92cm #11703

Fiona Craig Green and White Waratahs 92x107 16476

Fiona Craig 'Sunlit Waratahs' 101cm x 122cm #13152

Fiona Craig 'Tulipomania II' 101cm x 137cm #14234

#13838 Fiona Craig 'White Peonies with Tulips' 97cm x 137cm

Fiona Craig 'Peonies & Freesias' 102cm x 137cm #13839x

Fiona Craig 'Dance of the Dendrobiums' 91cm x 102cm #13841

Fiona Craig 'Matisse Roses I' 102cm x 122cm #12867

Fiona Craig 'Waratahs, Flannel Flowers & Kangaroo Paws 106cm x 137cm #13840