Henryk Szydlowski

Polish born Australian Artist

Henryk Szydlowski - SOLD

#12756 Henryk Szydlowski 'Birds Theatre on the Moonlight Field' 92cm x 113cm

Henryk Szydlowski is a painter who is extremely difficult to link to any particular artistic direction or style - he describes himself as a ‘Credo Artist.’  He is a painter who delivers decorativeness in form and colour, expressed in conjunction with elementary symbolism in drawing.  He places powerful emphasis on composition in his works.  Henryk Szydlowski has a deep passion for painting and one of the greatest rewards for him is that it makes people happy.

Henryk Szydlowski’s works can be found in private, corporate and government collections in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, USA and the Vatican. More about Henryk Szydlowski

Henryk Szydlowski COLOURFUL DRAGON AT DUSK 100cm x 75cm oil 2011

Henryk Szydlowski MAGICAL EVENING IN SYDNEY HARBOUR 170cm x 130cm Oil-2010-2011

Henryk Szydlowski 'Story of the Moonlight Mea' #14251

Henryk Szydlowsk FARMERS OF THE COLOURFUL BIRDS 120cm x 90cm Oil 2010

#12742 Henryk Szydlowski 'Scarecrow on the Moonlight Meadow 120cm x 90cm oil-2011