Yoshio Koaze Retrospective

Currently showing at our 17 Bligh Street Gallery is a collection of paintings by Yoshio Koaze. Superbly detailed, they are a must see to those with an interest in Japanese culture. This exhibiton will only be on for a few more days - finishing this Friday the 12th of October.

There are two themes in my paintings, which are "ACTION" and "STILL". To condense the moment of active movement and express it in the canvas is the life - long theme of my works, because I am deeply trapped in the world of SUPER-REALISM. I hope that the action which I am expressing in my paintings give rise to the smell of man's sweat, land and also the pulse of life and tension. "STILL" is the opposite to "ACTION" but unlike a still-life, it is calmness affection and emotion. It might sound Metaphysical but it will be wonderful if such a spirit can be expressed in my art.