Pure Gold by John Maitland

Next Wednesday the 10th of December we will have our final Solo Exhibition for 2008. Our Grand Finale for this year is a beautiful new collection of Paintings by the wonderful John Maitland.

This exhibition is titled Gold because the artist has been strongly influenced by the religious icons of Europe and the Middle East whilst perfecting his own unique way of using this evocative colour and element. It could be said he is in “a gold period”.

Gold and youth are two important themes in the exhibition. The gold has been used to impart a decorative richness and luminosity with brush strokes breaking over a myriad of textures which have been brilliantly used to impart his own expressive and contemporary talent.

Youthful figures are alone and, even when they are grouped together, occupy their own space. In a number of works these elements have been used to underscore the isolation and alienation of youth. His personal interpretation of reality and sometimes his own experiences are reflected in his depictions.
In Maitland’s work there is always optimism, grace and unashamedly indulgent beauty. These make this exhibition a must.


Win a John Maitland Original

John and Dolores Maitland have donated a painting to be raffled to the value of $5000. The entire proceeds of the raffle to go to the Eye Clinic of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.
Their granddaughter Sarah who is now 18 months old was born with cataracts on both eyes and now she can see through the efforts of Dr Donaldson and the team at Westmead.