A superb new addition to the Wentworth Galleries Stable

gav-iceworks_journal.jpgGav Barbey is an artist you will hear a great deal about in the future. Gav Barbey is the latest addition to the Wentworth Galleries stable of Australian Artists and we couldn't be more excited about it.

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Gav recently in his studio and within seconds of walking in the door and seeing a few of his works, I was planning a new exhibition. He really is that good.

Talking with him about his paintings really gives you a sense of his personal attachment to these pieces. It's easy to tell that he puts everything he has into these works, and it shows. He is incredibly talented but there is more to it. There's that something extra that comes from a real commitment to a vision.

Gav has amassed a large body of extraordinary work over the last couple of years that has not yet been released for public viewing. We will be showing these paintings at a new exhibition at our 17 Bligh Street Gallery. Opening night is Wednesday the 25th of June and the exhibiton will run until the 11th of July. Please contact us if you'd like to come along for the opening.