Sydney Art Sale

We've got a very special event coming up for art lovers and astute art buyers. Over a five day period starting on Thursday April 29th, we will be holding a stockroom clearance sale of artwork at up to 50% off normal prices. All work on display will be at least 10% off. This event is taking place across our 3 galleries, all within a stones throw of one another in the Sydney CBD.

Over 15 years of operation we've built up a collection of paintings that for one reason or another, ended up in the stockroom. We've had to vacate one of our stockroom facilities.

Rather than finding new premises we've decided to cut prices and have a real clearance.

Many of the stockroom clearance items, bargains as they are, will not be eligible for free trials, delivery and hanging and not subject to our normal 2 year exchange guarantee.

All 3 galleries will be open from 10am - 6pm for the five day sale including weekends. Come in, view some superb art and have a drink. You may just find your perfect painting at an incredible price.