A Family Affair... July 27th - August 4th

An exhibition of paintings by Linda Vario and her son Grayson Vario.

From 5:30pm on the evening of July 27th we'll be opening the doors to a new exhibition of vibrant paintings. Please join us on the evening for drinks with Linda and Grayson.

About Grayson Vario

Grayson Vario is an artist with passion and is a fun filled exuberant person. He has a gift of laughter, joy, caring and seeks out beauty and quirkiness in people and objects. He pours this gift into his artwork which is executed using the medium of acrylics and inks on canvas.  He stretches his chosen mediums to fit into the themes he chooses with great insight and a proficiency which is way beyond his years.

Grayson Vario has been studying art and painting since he was 5 years old with his mother.  He has gained great insight and ability from the tutelage which he received from his mother who is a well known and collected artist, Linda Vario. He is very proud of the fact that he is a generational artist and holds dear to the family tradition and craftsmanship.

Grayson is rapidly gaining his own following of collectors as his new creations hardly have time to be seen on the walls of galleries around Australia before being snapped up by discerning buyers.

Grayson lives and works on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he shares a studio with his mother and enjoys the family time spent together creating new and exciting artworks.  The studio looks out onto the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland and he finds inspiration in the stunning surroundings that envelope him each day.  Grayson is a keen surfer and also a youth worker here on the Sunshine Coast.