A great evening of art...

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Last night's Colin Parker Exhibition was a great success (as expected!). A new show by such a well known, talented artist - an artist with a loyal following of longtime collectors is certain to be a special night. This was also his first exhibition in 6 years so anticipation and expectations are bound to be high. Not only were expectations met, they were exceeded. Many works sold on the night but there are still plenty available. You can

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#11725 Colin Parker

Artists exhibition statement:

"The invitation many months ago to have an exhibition at Wentworth Galleries gave me a most worthwhile project to concentrate on, as my life had been turned on its head by a variety of events.

Six years had passed since my last exhibition, and the collection of works here on display range in subject from the west australian gold mining towns, to the cotswolds in the west of england in the snow, paris in autumn, the diamantina in western queensland to wattle bloom at hartley. An eclectic mix, all familiar and all favourites."

- Colin Parker