Conchita Carambano Exhibition - July 3 - 15

Her multi-layered and richly textured paintings reflect both the scale and antiquity of the Australian landscape. She uses a strong, earthy palette, overlaid with gold and silverleaf foil to convey her impressions of a sunburnt Australian outback. Her paintings suggest a mythical presence in the land that imbues them with metaphysical as well as personal meaning. “My work is about pushing inventiveness to the limit with abstract forms and shapes through a sensual use of symmetry, space and colour. It incorporates the colours of Australian scenes that are offered nowhere else in the world.” 


Come along to our gallery on the foyer level of the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel at 61 Philip Street Sydney and view these wonderful paintings by Conchita Carambano. Should you wish to join us for the opening night of the exhibition, please RSVP so that we may cater accordingly.