John Maitland Exhibition, Movement in Harmony opening Wednesday December 10

This highly anticipated exhibition is finally upon us.
Please come along for a drink with the artist and preview John's new works.

Opening Night Drinks
Wednesday December 10th from 5:30pm

The exhibition will run until December 22nd.
Foyer Level, Sofitel Hotel - 61 Phillip Street Sydney 2000


My interest in movement is overwhelming. Whether it is the exquisite movement of the dancer or the gladiatorial like movements of the sportsperson - the capture of motion and energy is an all encompassing challenge. When executed correctly, a painting of children simply kicking a ball around a field can convey all the fluidity, motion, joy and energy of action and activity; of body and soul. There is also movement in stillness. The cricketer for example, stands like a coiled spring, ready to strike out once the ball is released. All this energy creates scenes of great intrigue.

The interpretation of movement and energy creates conflict and harmony in concert. Body and soul entwined with human connection in these sporting and artistic endeavours. The thousands of hours refining of the skills of the sportsperson or dancer reflecting my many thousands of hours refining my art.

It isn't just the skill but the very essence of the dancer, of the child, of the sportsperson, that I've tried to capture in my 2014 exhibition. Integral to these pieces are the landscapes setting the scene and creating an important backdrop - showcasing the surroundings and environment of these human interactions.