End of lease sale at 17 Bligh Street

Art can be a transformational catalyst. It can change a mood, a day, a home. It can change streets, neighbourhoods, suburbs and cities. Our first Bligh street gallery was intended to fill the gap during the Sofitel Wentworth hotel refurbishment. We intended to stay a couple of years. That was about 15 years ago and our move was the start of a major transformation. The following 10 years saw Bligh street change; great restaurants opened, remarkable new buildings were erected and we opened another gallery at number 17 Bligh. We saw the empty shell of an an old bank and built our gallery and a big part of our life here. Bligh street wasn't a bad street back then but now it's positively bustling with activity. I'd like to think that the injection of art was the start of all that.

Our vision for Bligh Street and our success here has become the architect of our departure. Another building is being refurbished, this time ours. This means our lease is coming to an end and it's time to move. 

We're having an end of lease sale. All artwork at 17 Bligh street will be at least 10% off and if you come and see us you might just get a real bargain on an amazing piece of art. We will even discount some works by as much as 50%. Make us a reasonable offer on something you love and it could be yours. Don't let this opportunity slip away - doors close on another chapter and the sale ends on Wednesday the 24th of June and the sale prices won't be repeated. Heavily discounted items under $1000, genuine bargains as they are, will not be eligible for free trials, delivery and hanging. Sale discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other offer and also override our member collectors discount.

Endings are never easy but the excitement of a new beginning brings with it a fresh energy. We have some very exciting exhibitions and events coming up. We will be announcing our new gallery premises in the coming weeks - and you will be invited to the opening party. We've got some exceptional exhibitions including Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (May 7th - 17th), Jacqueline Fowler (May 27th - June 10th), Sandro Nocentini (Sulman Prize winner) and a brilliant exhibition of Aboriginal art from Utopia.

We were happy to fnd a whole new audience of art lovers - just one street down from our Sofitel gallery. We were able to showcase so much more artwork by many of Australia's best artists. It's been the site of many great exhibitions and gatherings and it's been the place that many of you have found the perfect piece for your collections and your homes. A place where artists came to visit. A place for conversation over a coffee, wine, champagne or beer. We've loved it and gladly, we're still here - we'll be here for years to come, just across the road in the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel at 61 Phillip Street.

17 Bligh Street has been a great success over the years and it's all due to our wonderful collectors and our incredibly talented artists. It's with great excitement that we open a new chapter and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you all, so very much.

Yours sincerely,


Maria Aitken
Director, Wentworth Galleries.