100% Tax Deduction on Art FOR JUNE 2019

100% deduction ON WORKS up to $30,000

Take advantage of a 100% tax deduction on the purchase of artworks for your business. Immediately available, is a 100% tax deduction to spend up to $30,000 (per item) on art purchases for your business.

  • The $30,000 limit applies to each individual purchase. You may purchase as many items as you like and claim the deduction on each one.

  • Wentworth Galleries stand behind the application on this tax deduction for the purchase of art but as always, buyers should seek their own taxation advice.

If you have a small or medium sized business, this is a great opportunity to improve your workspace with art. Our collection spans a vast range of Australian contemporary and Indigenous art including original paintings, limited edition prints and sculpture. The $30,000 limit is the maximum tax deduction for any single purchase but you can make as many purchases up to that amount as you like. Art for small business is a fantastic and instantaneous way to improve your space. We have works starting at just $250. 

Give us a call on (02) 9223-1700, email us or come and see us today for more information or to take advantage of this opportunity for this financial year.

Official Tax advice as prepared
by an independent, registered taxation consultant :

Does the Announcement Apply To Artworks?

Yes, artworks are depreciable assets. Provided the art works are used or displayed in business premises then presently those artworks may be depreciated. The announcement allows artworks acquired from 12 May 2015 to 30 June 2019 to be depreciated at 100%.

Who Does The Announcement Apply To?

The announcement applies to a person carrying on business with their own ABN. For example:  lawyers and doctors, accountants and financial planners, engineers and architects, plumbers and electricians, storekeepers and franchisees conducting their own business may apply the concession of a 100% depreciation for artworks.

Can I Purchase More Than A Single Artwork?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of artworks that may be purchased and depreciated at 100%. Several works of different artists or several works of the same artist might be purchased.

Is There A Limit To The Total Amount That Is Eligible For The Incentive?

The limit of less than $30,000 applies to each artwork and not to the total number of artworks purchased. Several artworks might be purchased with a total cost of more than $30,000.

For example:  if 3 artworks, each of which cost $15,000.00, were purchased for a total of $45,000.00 then each of the 3 artworks may qualify for the incentive because each cost less than $30,000.00.

Does the Announcement Apply To New And Old Artworks?

Yes, the announcement applies both to new and old artworks. The artworks must have been purchased between 12 May 2015 and 30 June 2019**  to qualify for the 100% depreciation incentive.

this small business tax allowance means Buying art for your office or business has never been better value. 

Artwork inspires employees and greatly enhances the work environment. It is influential in establishing corporate image and speaks volumes about a business. Art is an integral part of business presentation and operation for many of our clients. We have delivered art to countless offices and workplaces over the years and have seen, first hand, the dramatic change that well selected artworks can have on the work environment and the people that spend so much time there.

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