Artwork presentation

The presentation of art, from correct artwork selection, effective artwork hanging, lighting and artwork framing can make a world of difference. Wentworth Galleries have been presenting art the right way for more than 20 years and we can help you do the same.


If you'd like to hang the work yourself, here are a few tips:

When we hang works in your home, we take a lot into account including furniture positioning, viewing angles, personal preference and even the respective heights of the home owners themselves. These are all important but a good basis to start is to have the centre of the artwork positioned at 145cm off the ground. This can give uniformity to your collection display and really bring the works into the eye line of prospective viewers.


  • Measure and mark (with a pencil) 145cm (from the floor) on the wall
  • Measure your artwork top to bottom and divide it by 2 (this will gives you the centre of the piece)
  • Measure from the top of your piece to tightened string
  • Subtract the "tight string" amount from 1/2 the artwork height amount for the hook measurement. This will tell you how far above 145cm your hook should go
  • Lightly mark wall just above 145cm with the hook position amount.


  • Picture is 100cm tall
  • Middle is at 50cm (this mid point should sit on the wall at 145cm)
  • Wire comes to 10cm below the top of the artwork
  • 50cm - 10cm = 40cm
  • Lightly mark 40cm above your first (145cm) mark OR 185cm on the wall 



For Gypock/Plasterboard/Drywall you'll need:
Measuring tape - Pencil - Hammer - Zenith Angle drive picture hooks (3 nail hooks)
(There other brand hooks available but we find Zenith to be the best. They are strong, easy to hammer in, don't do much damage to your wall and hold a good amount of weight. If the artwork is heavy, use 2 hooks spaced 20cm apart (adjust your height for this spacing on the tight string)

For Brick/Concrete/Masonry/Solid walls
Measuring tape - Pencil - Hammer - Large screw - Power drill - Masonry drill bit -Wall plugs (to fit drill size)
There are plenty of pieces of hardware designed for hanging art but we have found the simple wall plug and screw method works the best.
Again, if the artwork is large, use 2 hooks spaced apart for strength and stability.

This video from does a good job of explaining it. Measurements in the video on art hanging are in inches but instructions are in centimetres. Happy hanging!