Palla Jeroff

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Palla Jeroff was born in Urmchi, Western China in 1957.

At the age of 17, the Chinese Government selected Palla to study the fine art of oil painting and drawing at the University of Xian where he received a Bachelor of Arts. After his graduation, Palla became an Art Professor and engaged in teaching and research for many years.

A trip to Australia in the early 1980’s inspired Palla, not only by the wonderful colours and landscape but also for the easy-going culture. This in turn made Palla realise that Australia was going to be his home.

Since arriving in Australia in 1985, Palla has gained tremendous success and recognition for his paintings both nationally and internationally. Since then he has been invited to exhibit throughout the world including Germany, France, China and America stimulating huge demand for his paintings.

Following a highly successful exhibition in 1998, at the acclaimed Guangzhou International Art Exposition, Principals from the Guangdong Museum of Art visited Sydney to choose one of Palla’s works to hang permanently in the Museum’s private collection – one of the most prestigious art collections in the world.

It is rare for an artist to be able to achieve successfully the styles of culture that are not familiar to his original heritage. Palla has adopted Australia as his country and has transferred his artistic talent to a new land. He is known for his wonderful rich colours, which capture the spirit of the Australian landscape. He also captures its people in a way that is quite unique and authentic.



  • May 2004 Solo Exhibition, House of Phillips Fine Art, Sydney
  • May 2003 Solo Exhibition, House of Phillips Fine Art, Sydney
  • March 2003 Solo Exhibition, Guangdong Museum, China
  • March 2002 Solo Exhibition, Soho Gallery, Palm Springs, USA
  • February 2002 New York, Manhattan, USA – Sell out exhibition
  • November 2001 Solo Exhibition – Lotus Gallery, Gold Coast
  • July 2001 Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
  • July 2001 Solo Exhibition, Gallery M, Denver Colorado, USA
  • March 2001 New York, Manhattan, USA – Sell out exhibition
  • September 1999 Landscape VIP Exhibition, Brisbane
  • October 1998 San Francisco, Exhibition USA
  • September 1998 Painting selected to hang in the Guangdong Museum, China permanent Collection
  • December 1997 Republic of China Art Expo. Article written for Chinese newspaper
  • August 1997 Chinese Television came to Australia to make a documentary on Palla Jeroff
  • May 1997 Solo Exhibition, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
  • July 1996 Solo Exhibition, Sydney Private Gallery, Sydney
  • May 1996 Solo Exhibition, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
  • July 1995 Solo Exhibition, Camden Fine Art, Sydney
  • July 1994 Solo Exhibition, Camden Fine Art, Sydney
  • May 1994 Solo Exhibition, Jeroff Studio, Adelaide. Officially opened by the Chinese Embassy and the Adelaide Mayor
  • 1990 Solo Exhibition, Butcher Hook Gallery
  • 1989 Adelaide Arts Festival
  • 1986 Won the Chinese Watercolour Prize in the figurative section
  • 1986 Solo Exhibition - Shen Zhen Art Society