Paul Carter

Artist & Author

The Defenestration of Pop

Paul Carter VIP Exhibition Opening at 1 Martin Place on Tuesday August 21st
Opening Night Tickets $25
All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Children's Tumour Foundation


Artist & Author Paul Carter


There are those that work desperately to become an artist and then there are those that could not possibly be anything else. Creative souls with the gift to transform their emotions and imagination into physical representations that alter and inspire those who witness them. Whilst it is rare to have such talent, it is not unusual for those with these “gifts" to cross between different creative disciplines. Paul Carter is one such example.

He may have sold over 3 million copies of his books as an author, but make no mistake about it - his art is just as formidable as his writing. And there is a common ground between the two, an inescapable reflection of the man himself. A raw modern style with the brutal and direct language of Vonnegut and the pop immediacy of artists such as Basquiat or Lichtenstein.

There is a sense of both present and Retro styling in Carters work. Like looking at the future through a filter of the mid-20th century. Paul is a wild man who has lived many great adventures and has a clear lust for life. His concepts are both mature and primal, much like his writing. The work is an intimate, honest and unfiltered view of his imagination. Playful but by no means juvenile, Carters techniques incorporate not just paint but dimensional structures. He uses artificial back light and layers of paper, canvas, ink, glass and paint to enormous effect.

There are clear pop art sensibilities in his work but it is not shallow or light in its substance. A view from a man who has lived on either side of the digital revolution, lived on the frontiers of life and lived to tell the tales. There is a rawness to the work that leaves it filled with an undeniable and irresistible energy.