Sandro Nocentini 'The blessing of the father' 50cm x 102cm #15218

Sandro Nocentini


Italian born in Rome, 1966, Sandro Nocentini moved to Australia at the age of 27.
Heavily influenced by the Modernist movement, over his career Nocentini has developed
a distinct European figurative but unique style of art. 

Sandro Nocentini ' Women Waiting' #15233

Sandro Nocentini 'McKillop's Gift' #15229

Sandro Nocentini 'The promise' 76cm x 102cm #15222

Sandro Nocentini 'In my dreams' 76cm x 102cm #15228

Sandro Nocentini 'Woman with cat' 76cm x 76cm #15232

Sandro Nocentini '3 Days Down South' 102cm x 102cm #15215

Prolific in painting as well as sculpture, Nocentini uses the human figure in expressions of silent storytelling. “I find body-language to be more powerful and subconsciously more effective than any words…”

His figures are unconventional in appearance, created with simple, uncomplicated lines. “The sacrifice of aesthetic beauty is necessary for the viewers to create and develop their own personal interpretation of the style, the characters and the story behind the work.” Nocentini’s figures are inward looking, often at rest and always silent, their focus on the human-divine relationship. Nocentini’s stories are in fact still images of an intimate narrative. Accompanying his personal search for a spiritual truth, many of his stories have roots in biblical traditions, but stripped of obvious religious connotations, these are re-narrated for a contemporary audience.

The artist lives now in Sydney where he graduated with the bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the National Art School. His current work and distinctive style is continuously inspired by, and reflects, his environment and relationships .

Since August 1994 he has participated in a number of individual and collaborative exhibitions in Sydney and interstate. ‘His work has been described by the media as “the bold paintings of Sandro Nocentini”. November 1996 saw the first solo exhibition of this ”artist to watch.” (Sydney Star Observer).

Since 2003 he has been teaching painting, sculpture and drawing as well as curating art exhibitions and events. In May 2005 Sandro Nocentini was awarded the prestigious Sulman Prize for his painting My Son Has Two Mothers.