Shannyn Alexene Price

Shannyn Alexene Price Flowers of the Earth, 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas 122 x 122 cm

Shannyn Alexene Price Wild Things, 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas 122 x 122 cm


About the Artist

I grew up in an artistic family, with my mother having an artistic career, so I fell in love with art early on in life, it's in my blood. I studied Fine Arts at Monash University majoring in Painting. I grew up in Melbourne, but have recently relocated to Geelong.

After years of working in a figurative mode, I found the limitations of working with the natural form, interfered with my true appreciation of the textural, chromatic and compositional elements of my work. I found that by reducing the figurative elements to suggestions of movement and by simplifying form to its 2 dimensional components, I was then able to develop the “surface” qualities of my paintings.

This then liberated me to explore non-figurative compositions of colour and texture and to appreciate the subtle relationships between the juxtaposed elements.

My works rely on intuition and spontaneity as I use soft lines and heavy marks with layers of acrylic and oil paint. I am forever adding paint and other mediums and painting over until I feel satisfied. The most difficult and challenging aspect is knowing when to stop.


Shannyn Alexene Price Making Music, 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas 122 x 152 cm.