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No other contemporary Australian artist has created so much unique and unprecedented art as Owen Shaw.

From the hands of Australia's most talented sculptor, a series of typically Australian animals in unique, but quintessential poses. Modelled and cast by the artist, the quality of these figures is unprecedented for they capture the forces of invigoration unique to each animal as observed by the artist over a lifetime.

The sculptor, Owen Shaw, was trained from the age of fifteen by Australi's leading sculptor, the Late Lyndon Dadswell, an exemplar of modelled figures who described udent as the best. Owne Shaw in his formative years was predicted by James Gleeson to take a “position of lonely eminence”. Never comprising his studio-foundry he has concentrated on quality and excellence in pure fine creative sculpture gaining him unequalled respect from his peers. As a respite from this serious work and through state of art technology, it is now possible to replicate with special silicone moulds and Shaw's own formula of pure copper, silicon and a magic amount of manganese through his own modified Shaw casting process, resilient outdoor genre animalier of significance and value.

More collectors may now own a genuine fine bronze of enduring archival quality due to the universality of the sculptor.

Because of its inimitable and unprecedented pose, each sculpture is accorded protection of intellectual property and therefore cannot be copied.