Alex Hudson

Alex was born in Lismore NSW in 1977. In 1995 – 1996 she studied drawing fundamentals with Michael John Taylor and Chris Hart  at Lismore TAFE. In 1996 she exhibited at the Lismore Regional Gallery Group Show, and went on to be hung in many more successful group and solo shows around Australia. She is also an accomplished printer.

Her explanation of her painting “The Fool in the Mirror” indicates the way Alex feels about her paintings.

“All of us have a fool within, that part of us stripped of ego and expectation where we can glimpse our true selves and be nothing but honest with whom we are and where we are at. It is here that we can be completely open and ready for wherever life wishes to take us.

My paintings are a reflection of my internal world while sifting through the layers built up by life’s experience in order to face that fool.”

For Alex it has been a journey of emotional highs and lows and she feels that she come out of it with a little more self knowledge and a sense of how unpredictable and incredibly beautiful life can be.