Alina Gozin'a


Alina Gozin’a has spent much of her career capturing the world’s most famous faces as well those in the shadows of society, giving them all a voice through the medium of art. Alina captures the extremes within human society- those bathing in the light of glory and those hidden by the shadows of out society, whilst ensuring that she uses the same photographic treatment no matter who (or what) she shoots.


The Harlem Stories of The Heart

In Bloom


“I've shot these flowers the way I shoot notable people, using the same technique and approach, bathing the subject in intricate studio light, capturing the intimate details and the soul of these stunning natural wonders at that moment in time. “ Alina Gozin’a


At Your Door - The doormen of New York City

At Your Door - The doormen of new york city - Yakov
At Your Door - NYC doormen

Like sentries, doormen have patrolled New York’s apartment buildings for some 150 years.  They are arguably the most iconic and the most underrated powerful personalities in New York City real estate, often playing a role that's midway between building security and therapist. Guarding the entrance to buildings and serving as the unofficial social anthropologists of New York’s most privileged, the doormen are filled with anecdotes of human behaviour: they know what their tenants eat, whether they drink too much and if they have kinky sex. But while the doormen have access to intensely personal information about their residents’ lives and are the gatekeepers of their secrets, the inhabitants tend to know little about the personal lives of their doormen,” Peter Bearman, Doormen author.

Sydney, Australia: New York-based photographer Alina Gozin’a has captured many of the world’s most famous faces. Her uncompromising eye and cinematic style often tells a whole story in just one frame. Alina’s fine art photography has garnered a long list of international awards, nominations and exhibitions and earned her a global following. Now she is returning to her native Sydney to unveil her first large-scale photographic exhibition AT YOUR DOOR.  This powerful new photographic series will open in Sydney before touring to New York, Los Angeles and Moscow in 2018.


The Last Snow of New York

The Light at the end of the tunnel


About The Artist

The photographer, director and artist has won numerous awards and nominations for her photography work, including a nomination for the Young Director Award at Cannes Lions for her directorial debut commercial ‘3 Fat Babushkas’. International recognition for her work also culminated with a gold at the London Photographic Association’s 2012 Portraiture competition.

Alina was also a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra as well as other numerous photographic competitions such as Head On, Olive Cotton, Sydney Life and Shoot the Chef. Alina shoots “the human spirit”, a.k.a portraits. She is best known for her uncompromising eye and lighting which evokes cinematic European sentiment in the photography and films she creates.

In her commercial work, Alina has photographed television, film, theatre, editorial, and advertising campaigns for a long list of major media clients. These includeHarper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire,GQ, Madame Figaro, The Australian Financial Review Magazine, Vogue Living,The Sydney Morning Herald (Good Weekend), Habitus, Indesign, Monument, andCompany Director, as well as many other leading publications. She has also photographed for major brand names across a variety of arts, advertising and media industries including HBO, Grey (New York), Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy, Havas, BMF, Tribeca Film, Universal Music, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Warner Bros, MTV, ABC, SBS, Channel 9, Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir Theatre and Griffin Theatre . More recently, she has also worked on special architectural projects in both Australia, the USA and The Netherlands. Her celebrity portraiture has captured Oscar winners Alicia Vikander and Emile Sherman, and shoots with Ewan McGregor, Alicia Silverstone, Sandra Oh, Anne Heche, Josh Charles, Julia Stiles, Michael Shannon,Christina Ricci, Christine Lagarde, Frank Lowy, South Park's legends Trey Parker & Matt Stone,Pascal Dangin, Bryan Brown, Yael Stone among others. Alina has been invited to teach masterclasses at the New York Film Academy in NYC, as well as at the Australian Centre of Photography and the Australian Film Television and Radio School. She had her first solo exhibition Light at the End of the Tunnelin New York in 2015.

Her first major solo exhibition At Your Door: The Doormen of New York City will open in late November 2017 and then will travel to Melbourne, New York, LA and Moscow in 2018.

This will be closely followed by another new body of work The Last Snow of New York due to open as a solo exhibition in Australia in early 2018. Finally, Alina is also currently working on CON(Confessions of New York)-a new photography and video project capturing people from all walks of life on the streets of New York. Alina also directs motion pictures and in addition to directing commercial content, she is set to direct in early 2018 Your Doorman, a short film set in New York.