Colin Parker

Australian Artist

Colin parker is an artist of outstanding talent and ability who is best known for his figurative depiction of outback Australia in oils. His name is one that conjures up an immediate affinity for the Australian landscape with its harshness and sheer isolation that is so boldly and colourfully captured in his works.


#13982 Colin Parker 'Coolgardie Western Australia' 79cm x 89cm

#13988 Colin Parker 'The Long Shadow' 82cm x 82cm

#13686 Colin Parker 'Diamantina Channel Country' 110cmx110cm

#13990 Colin Parker 'Red Country' 71cm x 81cm

#13993 Colin Parker 'Central Australian Colours'79cm x 79cm

#14017 Colin Parker 'Aerial View Uluru' 111cm x 111cm

#14018 Colin Parker 'Channel Country' 111cm x 111cm