David Hart

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David Hart’s interest lies in ‘illustrating life’. Whether he is painting Australian history, flower studies, beach scenes, gentle watercolours or dusty mining towns, he is influenced by all that he sees around him. He is a great observer of people and life, as was his father, world renowned artist Pro Hart.

David Hart was born and raised in Broken Hill, New South Wales – an outback Australian town rich in mining heritage and a vibrant arts community. He grew up in a home that fostered creativity. David watched his father at work and first put paint on canvas while he was still in nappies. He was encouraged to explore his creative interests, dabbling in pottery, sculpting, enamelling, casting and welding during his youth.

Creating his first serious painting when he was just sixteen years of age, David began his first steps on a journey that would see him become a recognised artist in his own right.

The years ahead saw David’s skill and popularity as an artist grow from strength to strength. Exhibiting throughout Australia, he began to build a strong following of collectors and investors alike. His determination helped him to rise and become one of Australia’s most renowned artists.

In partnership with his wife, Christine, David has established two of Queensland’s most recognised galleries in Mooloolaba and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. This is where he now lives with his wife and three children.