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About the Exhibition


The Gallery is thrilled to announce "Echoes of Home," an upcoming solo exhibition by the highly acclaimed artist Palla Jeroff. The exhibition will be held from May 30th, showcasing a stunning collection of landscapes and figurative works that reflect Jeroff's unique artistic journey and his deep connection to both his native China and his adopted home in Australia.


Palla Jeroff, born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, in 1957, has spent over three decades living and working in the Blue Mountains of Australia. His artistic journey began at the age of 17 when he was selected by the Chinese government to study oil painting and drawing at the University of Xi’an. After his graduation, Jeroff engaged in artistic teaching and research, and exhibited extensively in China before making the life-changing decision to move to Australia in 1985.


The transition to a new country was not easy for Jeroff. He recalls early struggles, including a pivotal moment when a graphic design company in Australia rejected his portfolio, advising him to pursue his artistic practice instead. This moment of rejection turned into a defining push, leading Jeroff to fully commit to his art. His persistence paid off, and today, Jeroff's work is celebrated both nationally and internationally, with pieces housed in major collections including the Guangdong Museum in China.


"Echoes of Home" delves into the concept of duality – the resonance of one's origins and the influence of a new environment. Jeroff's paintings are characterized by thick impasto paint and a vibrant use of color, capturing the spirit of the Australian landscape while subtly echoing the vast, open terrains of his homeland. The echoes are distant yet ever-present, a testament to the enduring impact of his early life in Northern China.


The exhibition features a range of media, including watercolour, acrylic, and oils, showcasing Jeroff's versatility and mastery of his craft. His landscapes offer a blend of realism and imagination, with chunky layers of sumptuous paint creating dynamic, textured scenes that evoke the physical and emotional landscapes of his two homes. Jeroff's figurative works, often marked by minimal facial details or subjects viewed from behind, reflect a Chinese artistic philosophy that balances truth and imagination.


In "Echoes of Home," visitors will experience the rich interplay of cultures and landscapes that define Jeroff's work. His ability to capture the essence of the Australian terrain, infused with the spirit of his Chinese heritage, results in paintings that are both intense and serene, vibrant and contemplative.


Join us for the opening reception from 5:30pm on Thursday May 30th where you can meet the artist and explore this evocative collection. "Echoes of Home" promises to be a profound artistic experience, celebrating the journey of an artist who has beautifully bridged the gap between two worlds.



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