Gav Barbey is a multi disciplinary, multi talented Australian artist working in a variety of media and mediums

For love of a sunburnt country (red melt) 1220mm x 1530mm

Girt by sea (blue melt) 1220mm x 1530mm

A land of sweeping plains (yellow melt) 1220mm x 1530mm



Australian artist, Gav Barbey is exhibiting a new series of “Iceworks” with Sydney’s Wentworth Galleries in the GPO at 1 Martin Place as part of Art Month, from March 14, 2019.

Barbey’s “Ice works” explore the tension between nature and our desire to have control over it. In these unqiue works, pure pigment is strategically frozen into large blocks of ice and manipulated as it melts and merges with the canvas over hours, days or weeks. “From topographical landscapes to semi organic figurative expressions, the Iceworks are a constant discovery in transformation.” muses Barbey. They are a departure from his acclaimed figurative works and evolved from his performative and video series first exhibited in New York in the early 2000s.

Melbourne based artist, Gav Barbey is a multi-disciplinary artist. He apprenticed as a commercial artist in the government funded Gas and Fuel corporation in the 1980’s. The multiple work shop practice included graphic design, drafting, scenic art, sculpture and production.

While studying production set and costume design at NIDA Barbey was immersed in the theatrical world. He has held a successful career in theatre and set design working across theatre, television, film and events. Barbey worked with Richard Roxburgh’s Burning House theatre and later Leo Schofield’s Melbourne Festival, Barbey transitioning his design and visual skills to writing and directing. He has a raft of script and directorial films under his belt and was a Finalist in Tropfest. He was also awarded a Young Film Makers grant from Aura Film Finance.

Barbey’s move to visual fine arts began with his first solo exhibition in 1999 and he has continued to exhibit internationally and locally with Wentworth Galleries.


Cockatoo Triptych

Red Sky at night - Diptych 137x137 16285

Eastern Rosella 152x121

Black Cockatoo 167x121

Jambu Fruit Dove 137x106

Gav Barbey "Cockatoo - Enlighten" 127cm x 127cm Mixed Media

Gav Barbey "Raven" 127cm x 127cm Mixed Media

Nestling in my babes arms 180x180 16283

No need for sensible shoes... 200x200 16284

Lorikeet 150x122

It's like a forest fire... 120x220