Cockatoo Triptych

Gav Barbey is a multi disciplinary, multi talented Australian artist working in a variety of media and mediums

Red Sky at night - Diptych 137x137 16285

Barn Owl 152x121

Eastern Rosella 152x121

Black Cockatoo 167x121 

Jambu Fruit Dove 137x106

Black Swan 91x91

Blue RingNeck Parrot 142x80

Green Ringneck Parrot 142x80

Owl 122x71

Gav Barbey "Cockatoo - Enlighten" 127cm x 127cm Mixed Media

Gav Barbey "Raven" 127cm x 127cm Mixed Media

Nestling in my babes arms 180x180 16283

No need for sensible shoes... 200x200  16284

Lorikeet 150x122 

It's like a forest fire... 120x220 

Bower Bird