Jock Mosquito

Born on the Nicholson station that borders the desert country of Kununurra in the Northern Territory circa 1944, Jock Mosquito never strayed far from the land he grew up in. Having never known his mother, Jock’s father and grandmother “grew him up” forgoing school, something he still regrets. As a young man Jock succeeded as a stockman on neighbouring stations. Len Hill at the Nicholson station educated a young Jock on driving, pulling bores, machinery, fencing and so on, until he became head stockmen. His talent and capability is further recognized when he was poached to join the Queensland Rodeo Circuit at the age of 20, something he turned down in favour of staying in his land.  

Jock, a member of the Jaru tribe married Doreen from Warmun and together had six children, with thirty-two grandchildren to date. Now a senior Jaru member, it is no wonder that as a young man Jock participated in many cultural activities for his community. This led him to becoming a leading and renowned advocate for aboriginal affairs in the Kimberley’s as well as chair person of the Wunun Regional Council. 

Jock is now a respected and senior desert artist in his own right, specifically when it comes to ochres. As a senior member for his tribe Jock states that what he paints is his country, his land. Having lived and worked on this land his whole life Jock Mosquito holds a deep connection with the land. This connection is beautifully evident in his artwork, as he paints of specific sites relevant to him. 

Jock as an artist has had a successful career which now sees him represented in many private collections and galleries, notably being exhibited in the national gallery of Australia.