Judy Watson Napangardi

Bursts of colour from this legendary Yuendumu Artist

Circa 1925 - 2016


Judy Napangardi Watson (circa 1925 - 2016) was a senior painter from Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia. Very distinctive in her style, she was an energetic and groundbreaking Indigenous artist known for traditional stories depicted using an amazing palette of vibrant colour.


Judy Watson 'Mina Mina (Grass Skirt)' 100cm x 200cm #11101

Judy Watson. Snake Vine Dreaming. 84cm x 152cm. #10260. Beautiful pastels and subtle colours in the telling of Judy's Snake Vine dreaming

Judy Watson 'Mina Mina' 180cm x 120cm #10535

Judy Watson Napangardi 180cm x 305cm 'Mina Mina' (#10403)- This extraordinary piece has the colour and scale bring a large room to life!

Judy Napangardi Watson 'Mina Mina' Acrylic on Canvas 94cm x 148cm (#14841)

Judy Watson 'Mina Mina (Grass Skirt); 130cm x 180cm #9902

Judy Watson Napangardi150cm x 90cm #13589

#12014 Judy Watson 'Mina Mina' 90cm x 83cm

#13542 Judy Watson Napangardi 'My Dreaming' 60cm x 60cm


MORE About the Artist

An incredibly energetic woman even late in her life, she started painting with her sister Maggie Watson who taught her to paint. It was the 1980’s when Judy Watson Napangardi started to paint with her sister, Maggie Watson. Judy quickly developed her own her style; a dragged dotting effect creating beautiful line and texture in her work. Vivid colours and instinctively brilliant composition pushed her to the top of the Australian Aboriginal art scene.

Judy was born at Yarungkanji, Mount Doreen Station early in the 20th century - at this time, many Central and Western Desert Peoples were living a traditional nomadic life.

Walking long distances is a big part of life for the nomadic peoples of this region and Judy made many trips on foot to her country spending a lot of time at Mina Mina and Yingipurlangu, her ancestral country on the border of the Tanami and Gibson Deserts. Bush tucker is plentiful in these areas. Judy frequently went hunting in the country west of Yuendumu. Most of her works depict the area of Mina Mina or the traditional dreamings of the region - the most popular of her dreamings was Ngalyipi (Snake Vine).

She died at Yuendumu on 17 May 2016.