Linda Vario

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Linda Vario was born and educated in Adelaide, South Australia.

Originally inspired by her talented sister and artist Joanne Villani, she began painting in her early twenties before undertaking seven years of formal study under private tutors.

For the past 12 years Linda and her family has lived in South East Queensland, drawn by the unique beauty and unequalled colour of this idyllic location. Influences from the vast richness of art and culture in South Australia and the natural beauty of coastal Queensland are reflected in her art. This journey allowed her creative space to learn, explore and experiment in all aspects of painting, culminating in an ability to apply a broad spectrum of techniques to her work.

Her current work is free and expressive although her style is constantly evolving. It exudes strength, energy, warmth and life. Every painting conveys superior design using a number of mediums layered to create a high relief, tactile finish which she enhances to produce three dimensional effects.

Linda Vario’s work is highly sought after and is represented in highly respected galleries, private homes and corporate collections throughout Australia and Internationally. Linda is constantly stretching her chosen medium, acrylic, to its full potential.

She uses a variety of different mediums that result in stunning, exquisite work. Her moulded works are carefully sculpted out of a wether resistant compound and then attached to an acrylic painted background. These artworks also have silver leaf used extensively throughout the painting.

The paintings with the Chinese motifs in the background were inspired by her recent trip to Shanghai. The background is made up of little bits and pieces that she collecton on her adventure and then overlaid with acrylic paint and resin.

Linda’s various artworks are finished off with a glass like look which is achieved by using a resin which is especially made for her by a chemist in Western Australia. This resin is poured onto the completed painting and spread carefully with her hands across the entire painting. For care of the product she suggests that it is cared for as if it were a glass finish – no hard bumps or scratching.

Each piece of art work is thoughtfully and prayerfully constructed.” Linda says, “I like to think about the message of a painting. When I do – it works, when I don’t – I come out at the end feeling uninspired. I feel blessed to be making a living doing something that I love.