Nada Herman-Witkamp has become one of the gallery’s most sought-after
artists.  She produces happy, energetic paintings using lush impasto oils,
sometimes straight from the tube.  She often paints wet into wet, using a
palette knife rather than a brush.

Her paintings are vibrant and spontaneous.  She doesn’t sketch a layout for
her subjects, but may use on site drawings.  Nada prefers to get “straight
into it” almost waiting for the subject to dictate to her the way it wants
to evolve.

Nada is a third generation artist.   Early in her career she was fortunate
enough to be able to exhibit with her father Ted Herman and her grandfather
Sali Herman (OBE).

She won her first art prize at the age of ten.  In 1987 she received her
Certificate of Visual Art from Seaforth Technical College, and in 1989 her
Bachelor of Visual Arts from the City Art Institute.   She is a member of
the Peninsular Art Society and has been runner up in the Mosman Art Prize
several times and been placed in many other regional exhibitions.

She has sold a remarkable number of works in her career, and is in private
collections in Asia, USA, Europe and Australia.  The clients of our
gallery have strongly supported her, enjoying and acknowledging the joy that
her work brings.