Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty Exhibition - Opening May 5th, 2011

We're very excited to announce an exhibition of paintings by Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty coming to our Aboriginal art gallery in May.

A wonderful collection depicting stories of her country, her ancestors and the traditions of her people. Helen has put her heart and soul into these paintings and created a collection of great significance - far and away the best works to date by this astoundingly talented artist. Here's a little bit of a sneak peek at a couple of the pieces that will be displayed in this landmark exhibition.


Ngalgin – The sea (The creator)

“She’s coming now” my mama Madawin always calls out.  When using the word “she”, mama Madawin is refering to the sea as a woman or of female being. The sea is boss.  The sea is the creator.  She gave way to make land.  She created the moon, sun, plants, animals, rivers, creeks, waterholes and last but not least, she created the stars to keep her company at night.

Awurrapun – Saltwater Crocodile

At a small creek that runs into the Daly River where different clans resided.  A particular man was an excellent hunter.  He would provide not only his family with his daily catch but other tribes as well.  All the women admired his hunting skills.  This made their husbands jealous.

One day they devised a plan to kill him.  They all went down to the mouth of the creek.  They tied the man in his own fishnet and threw him into the river.  As he thrashed about in the water, big swirls and bubbles appeared.  His wife heard what had happened.  She grabbed her net, tied herself within the net and rolled into the river.  As she thrashed about the net dug into her skin.

The woman did not die nor did her husband.  They turned into saltwater crocodiles that reproduced.  That is how the crocodile was created.