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Some words by Paul about his work:

"I have always had the passion to be creative through drawing, painting & photography, along with a strong interest in the art of scale modelling, so there has always been a desire for detail & up-close attention towards naturalism combined with the development of imagination.

Along with many other interests, the beauty & drama of aviation & maritime subjects has always captivated me, & this has broadened into a deeper fascination of history & historical subjects in art.

I have not received any actual training for the development of my paintings, but continually developed by applying ideas & understanding to achieve what I knew I had been born to do.

Realism & surrealism are my main painting styles & I am very committed to my calling as an artist, & in the way my work must be portrayed. Through faith in God, I am so thankful for the work & opportunities He has given me.

Because of this enrichment of purpose, it is my sincere desire that my work be a blessing to other people, to portray something of a new or deeper vision, a revelation or simply a message of hope or renewal.

From the end of 2000 I was finally able to pursue my art full-time & was busy mainly with commissions which helped provide income for my family, & have won a number of prizes at various art exhibitions.

If you already own any of my works or would like to purchase my work for your home, office or art collection, it is my hope that you be continually delighted with new insight into the work, as each one is created with the greatest possible inspiration, care, understanding & research.

And thank you."

Some examples of my work have been shown on television & in the following publications:

  • The Newcastle Morning Herald.
  • The Daily Telegraph.
  • The Australian.
  • Airpower International (Magazine).
  • Aviation History (Magazine).
  • Flightpath (Magazine).
  • World War 2 History (Magazine).
  • World War 2 (Magazine).

And numerous drawings in the following publications on the subject of Native American Indian history:

  • "Battlefields, Monuments & Markers," by Andrew Hogarth & Kim Vaughan, 1988 & republished with new drawings in 1991.
  • "The Great Plains Revisited," by Andrew Hogarth & Kim Vaughan, 1989.
  • "Lakota Spirit," by Andrew Hogarth & Kim Vaughan, 1992.
  • "Cheyenne Hole," by Andrew Hogarth & Kim Vaughan, 1992.

  • In 2007, six paintings were commissioned for a 2009 calendar to commemorate the history of the ANZACs.
  • In 2000, I was commissioned to create the original oil painting to produce the huge mural print displayed in the Temora Aviation Museum, NSW, Australia.