Lagoon 1 Byron Bay Series 60x120 #17661


Peter Coad

Australian Artist

Peter is gripped by the grandeur and complexities of the earth.  Born in 1947, he spent his first 10 years in the small township of Karoonda in the vast ‘Mallee’ area of South Australia and for this part, his world was one that was stark and imposing.  Peter has always felt spiritually in tune and strongly connected to the landscape.  His paintings reflect this relationship. They are stripped of unnecessary accoutrements, geometrically constructed with untamed colours that are often unbelievable in their intensity, his realism verging on the naïve, giving the works an intense inner drama and individuality.


Under an Open Sky - 2017

Rainforest - Byron Bay Series  90x120 #17665

Full Moon Rising 90x150 #17663

Sacred Ibis - The second day 90x120 #17667

Corridor - Before Parachilna Gordge 90x 120 #17658 

Passage 90x120 #17663

Rainclouds over Edeowie 120x180 #17664

River Inlet - Lake Carlet 90x120 #17666

Lake Eyre 1 120x120  #17663

Cooper Creek 90x270  #17657

Select works by Peter Coad

 Peter Coad 'White Faced Heron' 120cm x 120cm #14565

Peter Coad 'Coorong 1' 120cm x 180cm canvas #14568 

 Peter Coad 'Lyre Bird Jamison Valley - Blue Mountains' 90cm x 120cm #14557

Peter Coad 'Boab Floodplain' 90cm x 120cm canvas #14560 

Peter Coad 'Night Owl' 90cm x 90cm #14552 

Peter Coad 'Owl Study - Coorong Moon' 75cm x 75 #14924 

Peter Coad 'Summer Landscape - Kimberley 1 and 2' (Diptych) 90cm x 200cm Canvas;  #14554 and #14555

Peter Coad 'Summer Landscape - Kimberley 1 and 2' (Diptych) 90cm x 200cm Canvas; #14554 and #14555

Peter Coad 'Sentinels Study - Flinders Ranges' 25cm x 30m canvas #14540 

Peter Coad 'Dingo and Moon' 25cm x 30cm #14538 

Peter Coad 'Three Sisters Study - Blue Mountains' 25cm x 30cm #14541