Gathering Beauty exhibition Artist statement

My earlier experiences traveling to remote areas in far north Queensland has remained a constant source of inspiration to me and is again evident in this latest showing. I have executed my figures with  raw simplicity and beauty, fusing my memories with imagination and energy as  I continually strive to evoke the wonder I experienced.

Lily ponds have  been recurrent motif in my art with my first series having been selected for print and worldwide distribution by a major British art publisher. In striving to impart a sacredness into my work, you will notice  the lily being held aloft by subjects. It is a sacred symbol in art for many cultures and I have used it as a mark of respect for the earth, its natural resources, and the complete beauty and fragility so many take for granted.  

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I have used the colour yellow in a number of pieces. Yellow is the colour of the sun, it is life giving, I use it as a symbol of regeneration, energy and excitement. It also brings a softness and gentility, balancing out the harshness and creating a sense of calm for the viewer.

I create each individual piece of work hoping it will both move and capture the soul of the viewer.  Imagination plays such an important part in my work and I want people to connect with them by identifying their own experience and story. Simplicity is the essence of my art.

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