Rob Forlani

Rob Forlani lives and works in Perth, Western Australia where he was born. He has developed a following across Australia and his paintings are exhibited and collected throughout Australia, Europe and the USA.

Known for his bold application of colour and texture, Forlani's canvasses are filled with shapes that at first seem familiar, but suggest a parallel world reachable only through the imagination. In a lustrous palette and a musical style of tempered expressionism, Forlani paints abstract images inspired by the colours and forms from the world around us, and by the thoughts and theories, emotions and daydreams from within.

The post-impressionist and 'fauve' movements helped influence his first foray into painting. The sudden discovery of art produced by people like 'Kandinsky', 'Hans Hofmann', Pro Hart and 'Helen Frankenthaler' came alive and the personal expression and freedom associated with Abstract Expressionism.

#14839 Rob Forlani 'Avventura' 102cm x 152cm

#17738 Rob Forlani Karnival 2017 mixed media 90 x 120cm

#14838 Rob Forlani 'Loop hole day' 101cm x 152cm

Rob Forlani 'Ambient Plateaux' #17739