Buying Art in Sydney, Australia: A Guide for First-Time Art Buyers


Congratulations on embarking on your journey as a first-time art buyer in Sydney, Australia! Acquiring artwork can be an enriching and rewarding experience, and our goal is to support you every step of the way. In this guide, we'll provide you with valuable insights and tips to make your art-buying process enjoyable and successful. Let's dive in!



Exploring Sydney's Vibrant Art Scene


Sydney boasts a thriving art scene, with numerous galleries, exhibitions, and art events that showcase a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums. Start by immersing yourself in this creative atmosphere. Visit renowned galleries such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales, White Rabbit Gallery, and, of course, Wentworth Galleries, to get a sense of different art forms and discover what resonates with you. We have regular exhibitions and send out a weekly email newsletter with a curated selection of five works (The Fabulous Friday Five). Subscribe to our newsletter for art news, invitations to exhibitions and the Friday Five.



Understanding Your Personal Taste


Art is a personal expression and finding pieces that resonate with your individual taste is essential. Take the time to explore different art movements, styles, and themes. View great Aboriginal Art and check out waht's going on with contemporary art in Australia. Attend exhibitions. Go to museums. Visit art fairs to view a wide variety of artworks in a short period of time. Pay attention to your personal response to work - the emotions and responses evoked by different pieces. This process of self-discovery will help you develop a clearer understanding of the type of art that speaks to you.


Art vs Craft


One question that comes up often is: What's the difference between art and craft. A part of the bigger picture question that we won't answer right now... what is art!


Setting a Budget


Before diving into the art market, it's important to establish a budget that aligns with your financial goals. Artworks can vary greatly in price, so determining your spending limit will help you narrow down your options and make informed decisions. Remember, art is an investment, but it's mostly about the joy and appreciation it brings to your life. Spend as much or as little as you like but don't go (too far) overboard for that one work - unless you can't live without it!



Engaging with Galleries and Artists


Galleries and artists are valuable resources for first-time art buyers. Reach out to galleries like Wentworth Galleries, where friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. We’re always happy for a chat and love noting more than finding the right piece of art for your home and your life. Attend our gallery exhibition openings. They’re fun and it’s an opportunity to speak with the artists directly.This personal connection can deepen your understanding of their creative process, inspirations, and the stories behind their artworks.



Authenticity and Provenance


Ensuring the authenticity and provenance of artworks is crucial when making a purchase. Reputable galleries and artists will provide documentation ensuring the chain of owenership if the work doesn’t come directly from the artist. Ask for certificates of authenticity and inquire about the artist's reputation and exhibition history. Transparency is key to building trust in the art-buying process.



Trusting Your Instincts


When it comes to buying art, trust your instincts. Allow yourself to be drawn to pieces that resonate with you on a deeper level. Art should evoke emotions and spark joy. Take the time to envision the artwork in your living or work space. Does it enhance the ambiance? Does it reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences? If the answers are yes, you may have found the perfect piece for your collection.





Buying art as a first-time buyer is an exciting endeavour. Remember, the journey of art appreciation and collection is a personal one. Take as long as you like. Explore Sydney's art scene, discover your taste, set a budget, and engage with galleries and artists who can guide you through the process. Join the Art Gallery of New South Wales, or the MCA in Circular Quay. Trust your instincts and select artworks that bring you joy and inspiration. At the end of the day, you will live with the art and you should love it. Welcome to the world of art, where your collection will not only enrich your surroundings but also provide a lifetime of enjoyment and personal expression. 


Happy art hunting!



If that's all a bit long to read, here's a 5 point summary that may help...


1. Buy Art You Love


There's always a good chance it will appreciate and if you love it on your wall, you get value out of it every day. If the time ever comes that you want to sell it, you may get a very pleasant surprise. We do have some very good investment packages available but first and foremost, make sure you like the work.


2. Buy From A Reputable Sydney Art Dealer With An Established Track Record


The art world is a notoriously difficult business and many newly established galleries make mistakes that might render your support network obsolete. There are plenty of good art galleries in Sydney and I suggest you visit lots of them. We've been in business for nearly 30 years and have literally thousands of satisfied customers all over the world that can contact us for advice at any time.


3. Look For An Authenticity Guarantee


Artwork authenticity is very important. We source directly from the artists and if we do acquire a work from elsewhere, we make sure of it's provenance and pass those assurances onto the customer with our reputation and guarantee along with a 2 year exchange guarantee option.


4. Purchase Artwork By Serious, Professional Artists


Artists that are making a career of painting are much more likely collectable. A great source of enjoyment for many people is following the careers of specific artists they admire and purchasing pieces by that artist over a period of time. All of the artists we represent are committed to a career as an artist and we always aim to acquire the most outstanding works by any particular artist. If you look at many of Australia's iconic artists, they are the ones that stuck it out, and never gave up on their careers even when things got tough.


5. Look For Flexible Exchange And Return Policies


We allow customers to take pieces home on trial for up to 7 days throughout Sydney. We also offer an amazing, industry leading 2 year exchange guarantee. That's how much we believe in our artists and the artwork we carry.

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