Wentworth Galleries have the best commercially-available collection of Australian contemporary art in Sydney. Our two centrally-located Sydney CBD galleries display a wide range of art in both galleries, catering to serious collectors, art lovers, first-time buyers and art investors alike. We have paintings, limited edition prints and sculptures in a vast range of styles, sizes and budgets all available for purchase or rental. 



From the most iconic Australian artists to the art stars of tomorrow and everything in between, Wentworth Galleries will give you a huge selection of top-quality Australian art from which to choose. View luminous still life paintings by Jacqueline Fowler and superb landscapes by Ken Knight or Ted Lewis. 



What is Australian contemporary art?


Contemporary art is an umbrella term for various art mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performance and video art for a truly immersive experience.  Australia has a rich history of art and culture, and its contemporary artists are some of the most exciting and innovative in the world. Whether you’re new to investing in art or looking to expand your collection, you can’t look past Australian contemporary art. 



With many art historians debating the origins of the contemporary art movement, mostly considered to be the late 1960s or early 1970s, it is widely agreed upon that contemporary art evolved from various art movements. 



What inspires Australian contemporary art?


Bright and colourful Pop Art reimagined commercial products as accessible art, which later shaped Conceptualism, the rejection of art as a commodity, where the concept of the work of art is the focal point of the piece. Photorealism depicts hyperrealistic drawings and paintings inspired by photographs, while Minimalism challenges the structures for making and viewing art.  An installation art piece provides an immersive experience to the viewer,  temporarily altering their perception of space. Earth Art transforms natural landscapes into site-specific artworks, while Street Art is rooted in social activism. 



What ties all these art forms together is they all take an original approach to art, challenging the norms of more traditional art practices. By buying contemporary art, you’re investing in an artwork that challenges societal norms. 



Discover contemporary art at Wentworth Galleries


Australian art in the contemporary space not only depicts the Australian identity but represents relevant social issues faced by the world today. Our local Australian and international artists utilise different art mediums and expressions to tell a story. Hu Ming’s works depict the accumulation of her experiences in the Chinese army, while New York-based Alina Gozin’a captures many of the world’s most famous faces with her fine art photography. World-renowned Italian artist Natino Chirico, a favourite artist of movie siren Sophia Loren, captures celebrities from Charlie Chaplin to Michael Jackson with bursts of colour and vision. 



Local Australian artist Fiona Craig communicates her love and adoration for the nature and fauna of the Blue Mountains, where she grew up with her floral artworks. There are also amazing outback figurative depictions by Colin Parker, abstract works by Conchita Carambano, James Shand and Rob Forlani, or figurative pieces by Sandro Nocentini. See the brilliant surreal works of Nick Fedaeff and feast your eyes on the most spectacular shimmering ocean in a seascape by Falk Kautzner. 



We have works by more than 50 of Australia's best contemporary artists on display and works by the nation’s top indigenous artists too. Come into the gallery and enjoy viewing a cross-section of beautiful art created by the best talent in Australia. Our incredible collection of contemporary Australian art online caters to everyone’s unique taste.



Explore Sydney’s contemporary art world


Occasionally, you may experience feeling so enthralled by a piece of art that you just have to buy it immediately. The rest of the time, we suggest taking your time with an art purchase. If you're new to buying art, take a day to visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Spend some time looking at other galleries in Sydney — both public and commercial galleries so that you can have a real feel for what work is available. 



If you're looking to buy art, there is no better place to start your search than with us. Talk to our friendly, knowledgeable and passionate consultants, or have one come to your home to give you some advice about the sort of pieces that would suit you, your home and your life. 



Wentworth Galleries — your trusted art gallery to rent or buy Australian art 


Wentworth Galleries, located in Sydney CBD for over 20 years, provides exceptional services to ensure our art remains as accessible to the community as possible for our valued customers to showcase in their homes or businesses. If you aren’t sure you want to buy contemporary art right away, you can trial the artwork in your home or office at no cost and obligation free! Our art rental service means you can rent contemporary art or Aboriginal art anywhere from six months to 36 months with the option to purchase. That way, you have the flexibility to redecorate your office or home whenever you please. Not to mention, our art rental is 100% tax deductible for businesses! 



If you’re in the market to buy our Australian art, we ship our artworks worldwide and pack with extreme caution to prevent any damages in transit. That way, you can rest assured that your prized possession will arrive at your door safely. If you’re uneasy about buying Australian art online, you can exchange your artwork for your full purchase price credit within two years of the date of purchase. 


So, what are you waiting for? Secure your favourite artwork with our interest-free lay-by, providing flexible payment options to make purchasing quality artworks easier than ever before.



Contact our expert team to acquire a specific artist, organise a gift registry, get assistance with framing, or ask about any other advice you might require! We’re more than happy to assist. Even better, if you live in the greater Sydney area, you are free to trial artworks in your home or office to give you a real feel for the works in your space. What's more, we offer a 2-year exchange guarantee with every piece of art we sell, giving you peace of mind in your art purchasing decision. Contact us today to see how good art can be. Art shouldn't just be in galleries and institutions — it should be a part of your life.



Contemporary Art FAQs



What type of contemporary art is Australia known for?


Australia is home to various contemporary artists working across many styles and genres. However, some of the most popular types of Australian contemporary art include abstract painting, sculpture, installation art, and photography. At Wentworth Galleries, we showcase contemporary art from many mediums, from paintings to fine photography and sculpture.



Who are some of the most famous Australian artists we display?


Australia’s contemporary art scene is booming, with various galleries, museums and international events showcasing the country’s contemporary art. Some of the most renowned Australian contemporary artists include:



Ken Knight


Sydney central Coast based contemporary artist Ken Knight is admired for his evocative landscape and impressionist paintings. His significantly reduced details walk the fine line between impact and subtlety, much like the Minimalism movement. What better way to bring the beauty of the natural Australian landscape into your home than by investing in one of his works?



Palla Jeroff


Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, in 1957, Palla Jeroff has been living and working in Australia for over 30 years. His works are influenced by the wonderful colours, landscape and easy-going Australian culture, which inspired him to move to the country. He is known for his use of rich colours, which capture the spirit of the Australian landscape. 



Johnny K


Johnny's bold colour palette, material choices, unique technique, and talent create a rare combination of beautiful contemporary art built on traditional foundations. These works are more than a depiction of the artist's love affair with the Australian land. These are paintings of love — loaded with passion, emotion and positivity. They express the spiritual connection that comes with connecting with the natural world and allowing oneself to recharge. Bring the wide, open spaces of the Australian rural landscape to your home interior with his works. 



John Maitland


John's work is expressive and contemporary, reflecting his awareness of the unique spirituality, grace and unobtrusiveness of the people of various cultures in their landscapes. Regarded as “one of Australia’s most exciting artists” (John Norris – Director, Prime Arts Publishing UK), his works are renowned for “possessing the exquisite line and colour of a Matisse.” 



What defines Australian art culture?


Australian art culture is distinguished by its unique blend of Aboriginal and Western influences. It’s the oldest art form in Australia, rich in history and tradition. Since the arrival of Western art in Australia by the first European settlers, art has evolved in contemporary culture, depicting many styles and genres. Australian art is known for its diversity, with artists coming from around the world to create art in Australia. By exploring our contemporary Australian art, you can discover the abundance of contemporary art from artists around the world embracing the natural Australian landscape as their own.


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